Why Plastic Pallets Are a Smart Choice

Do you continuously have a pile of broken, unusable wood pallets that you have to repair or replace?

Is your product getting damaged during shipment or storage because of broken wood pallets?

Do you have specific sanitation requirements that your wood pallets just aren’t appropriate for?

Are you having problems getting your product through customs because of your wood pallets?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, plastic shipping pallets are a smart alternative for you. They are available in a wide variety of footprints and types such as nestable, stackable, rackable, fire retardant, drum, and export pallets to name a Jacksonville pallets few. They are ideal for production, warehousing and distribution applications. Companies are switching to plastic pallets because they recognize the economic, ergonomic and environmental benefits that they offer.

Improved Efficiency


  • Less hang-ups on pallet jacks caused by wood splinters and nails.
  • They work well in a closed loop system as they are able to make a large number of trips before they need to be recycled.
  • Many versions are compatible with conveying and automated handing systems and reduce the chance of equipment jams due to substandard pallets.
  • Save warehouse space by stacking easily and uniformly, allowing them to be stacked higher than wood pallets.Β Some plastic pallet versions also nest, offering up to 4-to-1 nesting ratio over wood pallets, saving even more valuable warehouse space.
  • Reduction in sorting costs due to damaged pallets.
  • Consistent tare weights when shipping product.
  • Reduced time spent sweeping up wood chips and loose nails.

Reduction in Product Damage



  • The durability, consistent support, and smooth molded design of plastic pallets provide a more stable environment to ship and store your product on, resulting in less product damage.
  • They won’t warp, dent, chip, splinter, rot or rust over time, all things that can affect the integrity of a wood pallet and ultimately compromise the safety of your product if they fail.
  • There are no nails or missing boards to deal with which can also cause product damage.

Improved Sanitation



  • Plastic Pallets are available in USDA/FDA approved material, making them ideal for food applications.
  • Most chemicals, solvents, acids, salt sprays and the like will not compromise their integrity and they don’t absorb moisture; support the growth of mold, mildew or fungus; or harbor rodents or insects.
  • Their smooth and sometimes open designs make them easy to clean and sanitize.

Reduction in Work Injuries



  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • No splinters, nails or broken boards to deal with that can cause mishaps and/or injuries.
  • Because of the increased stability of plastic pallets, they stack better and reduce the chance of injury due to pallet failure.

Low Cost Export Pallet



  • Plastic pallets are approved for use in foreign countries that prohibit wood pallets because of insect problems.
  • They are an inexpensive alternative to fumigated wood pallets which are costly, time consuming, and DO NOT ASSURE the goods will be accepted by the E.C. countries.
  • They eliminate costly delays at customs due to possible rejection of wood pallets.

Increased Aesthetics



  • Plastic Pallets are available in smooth, contoured designs making them perfect for Point of Purchase (POP) Displays for product and are much more aesthetically pleasing to the eye of the customer.
  • They can be manufactured in custom colors and with identification if desired.




  • 100% Recyclable.
  • They are easy to recycle.Β Many manufacturers offer recycling programs so they can be reused to make other products.
  • The fewer wood pallets that are used, the fewer trees are cut down to produce them and the fewer wood pallets that end up in our landfills when they are disposed of.


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