Which Kind of Heating System Is Perfect For Me?

Boilers are used to supply stream or hot water for heating, processing or for power purposes.

Both steam and hot water heating boilers, fired by fossil fuels consists primarily of a combustion chamber and an upper chamber, where water is heated or converted to steam, and circulated throughout the heating system.

There are some significant differences between combination boilers and other types of boilers.

Combination boilers are a high efficiency and ingenious space-saving concept, that is now the leading type of heating systems installed the UK annually. In fact, approximately 70% of the boiler installations are combination boilers. The operation principle is simply directly heating water from the main supply.

Combination boilers Geen warm water eliminate the need to store hot water. It combines the process of a water heater, and central heating boiler in one compact unit, which can usually be installed in the kitchen, utility or store-room. Since there is no separate hot or cold water storage cylinders required, or any of the larger components of a regular (conventional) heating system, considerable space savings can be realized with the correct installation.

They are also usually more efficient than other types of boilers, mainly because of the manner in which the heat is used. As the heat is applied directly, there is no heat loss in storage tanks, nor is more energy required in reheating any water. Significant savings can come from reduced costs of heating water, and the hot water is still delivered through your faucets or shower at unreduced pressure, so no pump is needed.

Another cost benefit of combination boilers can be realized on the time and the work required for installation. Since no large tanks are needed, it means less piping work and a much shorter installation period. If you are considering replacing an old boiler, or trying to improve heating efficiencies, a combination boiler should definitely be among your options. Your choice may depend on several factors, that may include your property, your lifestyle and any professional advice that you may receive.

Some advantages of combination boilers include:

  • Space-savings: since they can fit into cupboards, eliminating the need for larger storage cylinders or cold water feed tank.
  • They are more efficient and cheaper to maintain. They can instantly supply water at 350 C at a rate of 18 Litres per minute.
  • Hot water is delivered constantly and instantly from the main supply as the water is heated directly.
  • A thermostatically-controlled shower is able to safeguard against sudden changes in water temperature.

The secondary heating circuit included with the boiler unit provides instant hot water when necessary. An unlimited amount of hot water is supplied, as long as the boiler is in operation and it also extracts a larger amount of heat from the combustion byproducts that escape from the flues.This in-turn increases the heating efficiency.

Heating water only when it is needed is much more efficient than storing and maintaining heated water, which is susceptible to heat and energy loss, and this makes combination boilers much more efficient both in terms of cost and function.

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