What to Look for When Choosing a Business Phone Systems Provider

Choosing a business phone system provider can be a difficult task. There are several main areas before and after an installation that should be provided by the telecommunication company you have settled on.


The business phone provider should take the time to review your telecom needs and advise you of suitable solutions. They grandstream distributor should discuss typical scenarios for your business to help build your telecoms solution. Remember working together with your telecoms provider is the key to success. You know your business, and they know telecoms.


Implementation of a system should be phased according to your needs. Make sure the commercial phone provider offers to plan, schedule the installation and training you will need to make your office phone system a success.


Ensure the provider specialises in high quality installations and can cope with large technically complex systems.


The business phone systems provider you choose should include comprehensive and professional training for all installations to enable your company employees to obtain the most out of your equipment and have no trouble adapting.


Always try and go for business phone provider that has been established in the industry for a while. A provider with over 20 years experience in all types of installation and maintenance of telecommunications equipment is fantastic find. Always ensure that you are getting quality engineers that are trained to the highest standards and levels of accreditation to maintain your phone system.

In some cases business phone providers offer in house remote diagnostic support that can in most cases resolve problems without a technician having to be called. However, field maintenance engineers are always ready to be dispatched promptly to deal with any problems that cannot be resolved remotely.

Nick Boulton is a senior member of staff of Channel Communications in Bristol. Channel Comms are a business phones systems provider for small, medium and large businesses. Our office phone system solutions include business VoIP phones, phone lines for business, IT services and corporate phone systems. The business phone equipment that we supply includes Aastra, Avaya and Mitel phones. We have numerous offices situated throughout the including London, Bristol, Cardiff, Reading and Cheltenham.


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