What Do You Want to Know About Sunglasses?

How would you feel if you were told that a pair of sunglasses might be the most important thing that you need to wear? Most people tend to think of sunglasses only as fashion statements, something that you wear to look good. Well, that is not totally true. Sunglasses have another very important function – they help us from the ultra-violet rays of the sun.

You know that today, UV radiation is one of the most serious issues we face. With depleting layers of ozone in the Earth’s atmosphere, more and more ultra-violet rays are entering the earth, leading to greater damage to the human skin. Most dangerous, UV has he potential to cause cancer to the skin. Remember how the doctor always advises wearing sunscreen every time you go out in bright sunshine?

UV rays threaten the eyes as well. Our eyes are the most delicate, and important part of the body, very fragile, and hence needs to be protected very very carefully. Well-made cool sunglasses have their lenses designed in such a way that they filter most of the incoming UV rays from the sun, thus protecting your eyes from harm. In fact, it is necessary to ensure that your sunglass blocks at least 99% of all incoming radiation. While buying, check out for tags which indicate how much it actually does. If it’s does not, or there are no tags at all, you should ideally opt for another. Remember that you just cannot be too safe about this.

Keeping such an issue in mind, it is very important for all members in the family to wear sunglasses. Given the incredible variety of sunglasses available, getting hold of stylish designs to suit each and every one in the family shouldn’t be a problem at all. Most importantly, children should wear them as much as possible, whenever they are out in the sun. When you consider how much time children actually spend outdoors, as compared to adults, and also the fact that their young eyes are much, MUCH more delicate than that of adults, it becomes crucial.

We have a range of sunglasses for every conceivable outdoor activity- therefore, whether you are out working, traveling, skiing in the snow, or lazing in the beach, make sure you have a pair of glasses on to protect you from the sun. It is also absolutely unnecessary to say that sunglasses make for devastating fashion statement, literally. Celebrities have worn them for ages, and you must be aware that the most drab of dresses get transformed when you have a pair of sunglasses on.

Now with summer coming up, this is the time for you to make a move. Get yourself, and your family, cool sunglasses to wear, both for protection and for style. It seems to fashion-watchers that big round glasses, a la Jackie Kennedy are going to remain on the top of the list for fashionistas, just like last year. Therefore, go out ad grab a pair of them before everyone else does. And be sure to check up the UV protection levels. Have fun!

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