Private Placement and Angel Investors

Private placement memorandum, although expensive, greatly simplifies the capital raising process. Before you send any materials to a third-party, your attorney should review each and every document that you produce especially if you have drafted your private placement on your own.

Most small business investment companies do not expect that their investments will undergo an initial public offering, and as such this should been shown within your private placement. If you use a this type of document then you’ll be in a much better position to receive the capital you need as you will standardize the deal as it relates to your business operations. Investment syndication, especially as it relates to angel investors, may require the assistance of a securities firm.

Some angel investors specialize in real estate transactions which may allow you to acquire owner-occupied properties, which should be shown in any documentation that will investor attorney be provided to a private funding source. There are firms out there that can introduce you to angel investors or syndicated individual investment groups. If you are looking for angel investors then you may need a private placement memorandum.

On the off chance that a private funding source is willing to provide you with a loan then you can expect that it will come with very difficult terms as well as an extremely high interest rate.

As it relates to finding private investors to showcase your private placement memorandum you should build a roster of potential investors at least six months prior to your search for capital. It should be immediately noted that your board of directors will most likely include your angel investor. Group investing lowers the risks associated with putting money into a new venture, and you will most likely need to have this documentation available if you are working with a syndicated group of investors.

Syndicated investments are very important in the world of small business finance if you need to aggregate your required funding through your private placement. Financial requirements vary from individual to individual, which is why having this attorney prepared documentation greatly reduces the complexity of this process.

Before seeking outside capital, you should always consult with a certified public accountant or related business adviser. Again, if you are going down this road as it relates to raising capital then you will need to have an attorney that is well versed in securities law. Sometimes, you should evaluate your other financing options that you get the best deal possible as it relates to selling equity in your business.

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