Manual Drip Coffee Makers Have Their Place

So what is it about the manual drip coffee maker that appeals to many people? Well for one thing they can be used most any where since they do not require a source of electricity. This means that you can take them camping, boating or where ever you like provided you have a heat source to boil your water such as a campfire or even a propane stove or barbecue. Another feature is the choice of filter types and holders that you can purchase to allow you even more control over the end result, a great tasting cup of coffee!

The design of a manual drip coffee machine is pretty basic when compared to some of the more exotic coffee makers currently on the market. It simply consists of a pot, a filter and some kind of filter holder. Making the coffee is also very straight forward as well. Start by placing your pot or container on a level surface, place the filter holder containing your filter on the top of the pot, and then fill the filter with your reusable coffee cup favorite ground coffee. Finally boil some water in a pot or kettle using your available heat source, be it a campfire, stove, bbq or if available using electricity. Carefully pour the boiled water into the filter containing the coffee grounds and in a few minutes you will have a steaming cup of coffee. Be very, very careful when pouring this very hot water, as there is a danger of being scalded.

As already mentioned, you do have the option of using a variety of filter types in your manual drip coffee brewer. Some individuals prefer to use the cheap disposable paper filters that are good for one use only, where as other folks like the metal filters since they feel that you have more consistent water flow using the same filter each time. The reusable filters will probably save you money in the long run as well if you tend to use your manual drip coffee maker a great deal. While not as important as the filters, the filter holders also are available in a number of different kinds such as metal, glass or even porcelain.

Your choice of the pot or carafe for your manual drip coffee maker will be determined by just how much coffee you wish to brew at any one time. If you are a single person then in most cases you can get by with a single cup brewer which is very small and portable. Families who have multiple coffee drinkers at home or plan for large camping trips with many people who drink coffee most often will purchase the larger 10-12 cup manual drip coffee machines that are larger and can brew much more coffee at once.

Perhaps the most important component of any manual drip coffee makers, large or small, is the quality of the coffee that is being used. It should come as no surprise that more expensive, freshly ground coffee is going to give you a much better tasting cup of coffee than some generic brand of coffee bought at your local discount store. Ideally you should try a few different brands of coffees in your manual drip coffee brewer to see which variety makes the best cup of coffee for your drinking pleasure.

Obviously the selection between having an automatic or a manual drip coffee maker is largely based on your own personal coffee drinking needs and preferences. Depending upon the circumstances, one type could be better than the other, which helps to clarify why lots of hard core coffee drinkers frequently possess one of each kind.

It’s important to perform a little research prior to just dashing out and purchasing the very first manual or automatic drip coffee maker that you just see on the shelf. Although having good quality coffee is significant, let us not fail to remember that role played in brewing that delectable cup of hot steaming coffee by your coffee maker and plan your purchase accordingly. As with most consumer items available for purchase, there is the “good” the “bad” and the down right “ugly”. This fact makes it very essential that you do some research and look for reviews based on independent testing results and buying customer feedback.

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