Landscape Supply Essentials Every Homeowner Should Have

Does your backyard need a makeover? Do you want to design your own garden oasis? Do you want to create the landscape of your dreams? Here are seven australian landscape essentials that every homeowner should have. Your outdoor space will look like a million bucks if you have the right supplies.


There are numerous benefits to mulching your landscape. Mulch – an important element of landscaping – holds in soil moisture and protects plants and flowers from drying out quickly. Mulch will improve the appearance of your outdoor space. It comes in many different styles, from pine needles and shredded hardwood to hay and bark chips. Mulch is also available in different colors to add to your yard’s aesthetic.

Grass Seed

Grass seed is the necessary ingredient for a perfect lawn. It will give you the thick, lush, green lawn you’ve always dreamed about. Seeding rather than sodding gives you an opportunity to select the most appropriate combination of grasses for a lawn. Remember that the grass will only be as good as the seeds that are planted.


When you go to landscape supply stores, you will see many bags of topsoil. It’s just what your garden needs to produce high-quality vegetables and flowers and plants. Topsoil adds nutrients to the soil and encourages optimal growth. Many homeowners refresh their gardens with a new application of topsoil before spring planting begins.


Compost is organic matter that is used in landscaping, gardens, agriculture, and horticulture. To homeowners, compost is considered black gold because of its many benefits in the garden. Compost promotes greater soil and plant health. Adding it to garden beds is the best thing you can do to produce bountiful bouquets of flowers and a plentiful crop of vegetables.


Although mowing is a significant part of keeping a backyard looking beautiful, edging is also important. It doesn’t matter how pretty your garden is if the edges are not trimmed. You do not need to have a green thumb to have a beautiful yard. The little things make a big difference. Edging will accentuate your garden area and complete the look of your outdoor space.

Edging Tools

Your electric lawn mower is not going to get the edging job done; separate tools are required. Hand-operated tools like roller-style trimmers and gas and electric trimmers help keep edging neat. The thicker the plant that needs trimming, the more power you will want to bring to the job.

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