Getting What You Pay For With Synthetic Grass

If you are thinking about synthetic grass, there are many things you should consider before settling on one product and making a big investment. Not every synthetic grass company is the same, and they do not all provide the same caliber of products; some are not worth the money. Your synthetic lawn grass should offer excellent drainage, lengthy durability and a realistic look and feel if you are going to be happy with the money you spend.

Synthetic turf should have excellent drainage capabilities, especially if you putting green cost have pets that urinate on the lawn from time to time. If a synthetic grass company tells you that they drill holes for drainage, you should expect to see tiny ponds after it rains and you will have to manually rinse off dog urine. High quality synthetic grass, such as FieldTurf, has a special backing and a unique installation process that allows it to seamlessly drain water and other liquids. A high quality synthetic turf should also last from 20 to 25 years, so if you find a product that cannot claim to last this long, it may not be worth the investment. And if you find a synthetic grass company that does make this claim, ask for referrals or testimonials to ensure that this is a factual claim and not just a marketing gimmick.

Another extremely important aspect to consider when purchasing synthetic lawn grass is the cost, which is an obvious statement to most consumers. Determining if artificial turf will really give you what you pay for is not always easy. To ensure that it is a good value, find out if the product is time-tested and the installers are highly trained and supervised. Also, make sure they are a stable and licensed company that doesn’t cut corners. These things really make a difference in your investment…and remember, all synthetic grass will pay for itself over time, so it is better to go with a higher quality product.


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