Cheap Land For Sale – 7 Proven Tips To Make Huge Profits Quickly

Buying cheap land for sale and then selling it at profit has been used to great affect by some of the worlds richest investors including Donald Trump and Howard Hughes.

If done correctly buying cheap land you can make triple digit gains in a year!

When buying cheap land for sale and selling it at a profit you need to follow some basic rules so you don’t get burnt.

The 7 tips below will show you how to buy cheap land for sale and make big profits, so here they are:

1. Don’t Go For The Cheapest Land!

When buying cheap land for sale dont just look to buy land because it’s cheap.

Some investors simply buy because it’s cheap, with no thought to how quick the land for sale will become profitable.

There is plenty of cheap land available in the middle of Arizona or Haiti, but will it increase in value? This is what you need to focus on.

When you buy cheap land for sale, you should not buy the cheapest, but cheap land in comparison to its growth potential – this is the key to profits.

In the US and many developing countries you have problems with the price of land because its expensive already with low growth potential.

If you want to get more for money and bigger potential take a global view.

2. Look at Overseas Land

Cheap land for sale overseas offers huge profit potential, as many Land For Sale Belize new emerging markets not only allow you to get in cheaply but allow you to take advantage of booming growth economies

A great area to consider is Central America.

Costa Rica land has been rising in value for years and investors have literally been doubling their money year on year.

3. Don’t be a Pioneer

Look for a land market that’s on the move already and has steady growth.

You can buy cheap land for sale in a country that may become the next hot spot but the big question to consider is:

“may” but will it?

There is plenty of cheap land for sale in Romania (just got a mailing telling me I will triple my money) but think I may pass this one by!

Stick with markets that are on the move.

You can still buy cheap land for sale as trends up in investment land can last for many decades.

It may not be the cheapest but its growth potential will be more with less risk

4. Location – Location – Location

Costa Rica is an area where cheap land for sale is available as land prices are rising as the economy booms and more US Citizens pour in to retire, buy holiday or second homes.

The key to buying cheap land for sale here should be to look at where the next big developments are coming, like roads, marinas and airports.

You can then be sure developments will spring up when they reach completion and you can bank your profit quickly.

Many investors are doubling their investments in a year or two and with the right location you could to.

5. Buy a stable safe market

Buy in a country that’s stable.

Cheap land for sale is all well and good but you don’t want to buy it and then find someone has a claim on it from 60 years ago ( this happens a lot in Eastern Europe ) or one where the government may suddenly change policy.

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