Blogging As A Form Of Therapy

Throughout the 1900’s, and even earlier, therapists have encouraged expression of emotions to be a healthy form of therapy. This is usually to be done through artwork, music and journal keeping – most specifically journal keeping. It is thought that by keeping a journal the patient is more than likely to overcome some of their more troubling difficulties. How? Well, by ‘letting it all out’ on paper without the worry of judgement.

Nowadays, the rule still applies. In fact, more and more journals are being kept by people from teenage years to middle-age adulthood. The reasoning behind this is that life has become stressful for all individuals, and finding someone to talk to can only add to that stress – no-one likes the idea of bothering people with their problems, and there is always the fear of being judged. To ease this personal anxiety, people are now taking to blogging as a 21st century journal.

The blog has been called an online diary. It is true that many blogs focus on specific niches, such as travelling or home-making; but, there are several ‘lifestyle’ blogs that Journaling examine life and relationships. These blogs are often run by people who are using the online platform as a form of therapy and hoping to work through their problems, while sometimes gaining followers on the way.

In some cases the blogs will remain private, but other blogs are public and will be provided to not only act as therapy for the writer but also the readers. Nowadays, people have accepted that certain lifestyle blogs will cover emotional aspects of reality and personalities; in fact, it is this that creates support structures and acts as ‘online support groups’ in several cases.

Of course, there are those who provide negative feedback and can be detrimental to blogging – the ‘crazies’. If you begin blogging, you must be aware of this and be prepared to accept that not all individuals are accepting of over-sharing in these abstract blogging support groups. However, interaction with ‘crazies’ can help development of resilience and may be a good thing.

In conclusion, blogging may not be for everyone; but it can be seen as an effective form of free therapy for those who choose to use it. This does not mean all people should try it; no treatment will ever be successful if you are uncomfortable with it. However, if you do choose to blog be aware of all consequences.

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