Audiovisual Basics for Novice Event Planners

So you are new to the event meeting services industry. Congratulations! Now you are ready to plan your first event, and you are wondering about this budget line item called audio visual. Renting audio visual equipment is one of the most important budget line items because it helps make the presentation come to life.

Regardless of the type of event, appropriate sound and lighting rental, projector and screen rental, and PowerPoint presentation equipment will play a part in determining the success of your event, as perceived and remembered by the attendees.


The most basic meeting, under 25 people, will require a flip chart, easel, whiteboard, and/or podium. It is best to ask the speaker what he will need and make certain to get that in writing both from the speaker and the venue or


Lighting equipment rentals allow the audience to see the speaker. If the speaker is at a podium, the light on the structure helps them easily see their notes. You will want to test it to make certain the light works before the meeting and have an extra bulb handy if it burns out. The audience needs to see well enough to read workbooks, handouts, and their own notes. When using screen rentals, lower lighting makes the presentation more visible and prevents it from appearing washed out.

If the presenter is staying at the podium, a cabled microphone mounted to the podium gives the presenter the freedom to operate the PowerPoint presentation equipment. These mics SoftPlay Bounce House come with a flexible goose-neck holder and allow the speaker to point it in the most comfortable position. Another option for the presenter is a wireless lavaliere microphone that is worn clipped to clothing or as an earpiece. These small mics give the presenter freedom to roam around the room without compromising the sound quality to the audience.

When using sound with PowerPoint, you need to plug the computer into the sound system in the meeting room or utilize a set of external speakers to ensure the attendees can hear.

PowerPoint presentation equipment reigns as the most widely used presentation system with event meeting services companies. Relatively simple to master, PowerPoint allows users to create slide presentations featuring a variety of backgrounds, fonts, audio, and visual effects.

When setting up the screen, you should make certain the bottom of the screen is at least 2 feet off the bottom of the floor to insure the audience can see the entire screen.

When should you work with a professional corporate audiovisual provider?
If you are coordinating a meeting or event with break out sessions in several rooms or if multiple microphones are being used in one room or the audio visual requirements are becoming too complex, it is probably time to bring in audio visual specialists. An event audio visual rental firm will analyze your needs and budget and then recommend the best equipment for your desired results. Consult an AV service provider early in the process so expensive, last minute changes can be avoided due to poor planning.

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